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Newest in New: What’s Next For Social Media?

As an advertising agency specializing in creating relationships and successful advertising through social media, we are often asked, “What’s next?” Well, in social media – sometimes it’s hard to tell. To find out, you must be truly tuned in, always searching for the newest tips and tricks.

Here are some of the newest in new to help fulfill your ever-growing social media addiction:

You Can Now Tag Fan Pages in Facebook Photos!
Throughout the years, it’s become common practice to tag people in pictures you upload to Facebook, but now Facebook gives you the ability to tag Fan Pages in photos as well. So, next time your company sponsors that local 5k, feel free to tag your Fan Page, not just your employees. It works the same way as when you tag people, meaning that once your Fan Page is tagged, the photo will appear on their Wall and in the Photos sections.

You Can Now Promote Products Without Even Realizing it!
Facebook has recently started a new form of advertising called Sponsored Stories that uses the power of influence to promote businesses. Whenever you actively engage on Facebook, by checking-in to a place, liking a page, posting on a page, sharing apps, using apps or playing games, Facebook could use this information to promote the product, person or service you are referring to. These stories are eligible to appear in your friends’ News Feed and now show up on the right hand column of your Home Page. When it comes to privacy, Facebook is all clear though, because only people who are eligible to see your News Feed story are eligible to see it as a Sponsored Story. So next time you say, “Gosh, that food was DELICIOUS at $%(*$#^” remember that you could be speaking to masses on behalf of that restaurant.
You Can Now Explore New Places Through Foursquare!
Foursquare has just released version 3.0 for Android and the iPhone. The new version of the popular check-in app offers some significant changes, most notably – the Explore menu. Once you open Foursquare on a mobile device, you will be given the option to “Explore.” Through this section of the application, Foursquare gives you intuitive recommendations on places you would like based on your friend’s check-ins and your own. For specific recommendations, you can choose from a variety of categories, sorted by Food, Coffee, Nightlife, Shops and A&E.

You Can Now Share Links Via Friends on Facebook!
Facebook has recently introduced the new “Share” button. When you see a friend with a cool link posted on their Wall, you will see the options to Like, Comment or Share. Clicking “Share” will post the link on your wall and give your friend credit – your post will say something like, “Jennifer Johnstone shared this link via Linda Embrey”. This feature is somewhat reminiscent of a re-tweet on Twitter.

You Can Now Explore Inventory Through Google Places:
There is a new Google Places update only available in the US that allows users to search the inventory of a specific place. Paul Lee, senior product manager at Google, explained this update as “a new feature that automatically brings your offline catalog to the web, letting customers view your products and search your local inventory on your Place Page before visiting your store.”  The feature will display five of your most popular products with their prices so that potential customers can browse for what they’re looking for online before coming to buy it from your offline store. Potential consumers can also search your stock if they’re looking for a specific item not listed in your five items.
Unfortunately, by the time you get around to reading this post, or even me finished writing it, it may be outdated. To stay abreast of the newest in new for social media, continue to research on a daily basis…or you could just call evok at 407.302.4416 or follow us on Twitter – @evoklarry.

Affinity Groups and Social Media

In this day and age, social media is running through the veins of not only our personal life, but our businesses as well. Half a decade ago, I don’t know what was more painful…having a tooth pulled or getting a client to agree on a social media plan. That was after, of course, we went through the education process of why a social media plan is important. Now there are websites dedicated to finding your next job position with exciting titles like: “Social Media Manager”, “Social Marketing Manager” and even “Social Media Analyst”. In some cases, these positions even make-up the team of an entire department within a company.

So how is this changing “the game” and how does the interaction take place? We’re glad you asked! Correct us if we are wrong (and please feel free to comment on our Facebook page), but there appears to be a shift happening: moving from a “macro” approach to a more personal “micro” connection…also known as affinity groups. But my dear writer, what do you mean? Glad you asked so we didn’t end the white paper there!

Facebook – Full speed micro!

Facebook is all about friends/“likes” and how to keep connected. This holds true for individuals and businesses as well. Now, for example, we have your average individual on Facebook. They are infatuated with their Miniature Poodle, Miss Fru Fru. This individual could create a page to share their love of dogs or they could even create a page to show their love for Miniature Poodles. This individual chooses neither of these. They choose to create a page specifically for Miss Fru Fru, share it with everyone the dog may or may not have come in contact with, and to show off her amazing lion cut that more than likely completely embarrasses this dog, but still generates the “Awwww” reaction upon passing glances. Along with this, a Twitter account is set up so that Miss Fru Fru can tweet about the amazing nap she just had and how her owners will never find her secret stash of hidden socks she keeps lifting from the laundry basket. This may be diving a little too far into it, but the point stays the same: affinity groups are quickly on the rise within the realm of social media.

Why go through all that trouble? This allows people to connect not just with a type of animal or even specific breed, but on a much more personal, one-on-one level and gather like-minded people together. This applies to advertising and marketing as well. When placing an ad or trying to reach a certain market, you want to get the most out of your budget. You want to have your target clearly defined and connect with them. This can be done through social media. The Hilton Hotels have seized this great opportunity and offer a multitude of Facebook pages for specific Hilton locations, encouraging guests to post pictures and updates from their stay there, forming a company location affinity group.

A little blue birdie sending love and keeping you connected

Another company that is a prime player in the social media realm is JetBlue. JetBlue has been known to respond to most tweets about them in a fairly quick fashion. From tweets about missing sunglasses, issues with confirmation numbers and even as far as responding back with a “we love you too” comment here and there, JetBlue stays connected with its clients through social media by utilizing Twitter’s potential to the fullest. Now granted, JetBlue can’t get to every tweet, but they have a great track record of allowing their customers to feel appreciated individually through personal responses, and not just a tweet blast to the masses stating their apologies. Connections like this will continue to keep their customers happy and loyal.

Current research shows that the top-three social media sites businesses engage in are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are new to the social media arena, we recommend you have a social media plan that includes a strategy, rules and guidelines your employees must adhere to and someone on your staff dedicating a minimum of 3 to 5 hours a week to keep everything current.

So if you ever catch yourself wondering what Social Media can do for you, then ask yourself, “How connected are we with our clients/customers and how can we build a better connection to shift to a more personal level?”

By Cheryl Parker/evok and Gerald Rollason/Mindspot